About Kelly’s “Fresh Eyes”

I am Kelly Springer, author of  The Gym Show and a burgeoning photographer.  I live in Indianapolis and work in marketing for a software company.  I have 25 years experience as middle level English teacher, 28 years experience as a wife, and 27 years experience as a mom to my three amazing kids.

I am a graduate of Penn State and Indiana Universities.

My passion has always been writing, in whatever form that may take. My newfound passion is photography–capturing images of individuals in their favorite places with their cherished people and pets.

Aside from developing my photography business, my professional goals include crafting well-written, thoughtful, and meaningful prose guaranteed to be read, marketing my writing and increasing my readership.  Soon, I’ll be ready to market my photography skills and share with you my second novel.

In the meantime, I welcome you to my “fresh eyes” perspective, and I know you’ll enjoy a little slice of my talent, such as it is.

Contact me at


3 thoughts on “About Kelly’s “Fresh Eyes””

  1. Delete this out of your comment line…is there an error in line #6? If no (We are…) it may be too obscure of a reference? I just realized that I haven’t put up the review I did of TGS. I’ll get on that. Sorry.


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