About Kelly’s “Fresh Eyes”

I am Kelly Springer, author of  The Gym Show.  I live in Indianapolis and work in marketing for a software company.  I have 25 years experience as middle level English teacher, 27 years experience as a wife, and 26 years experience as a mom to my three amazing kids.

I am a graduate of Penn State and Indiana Universities.

My passion is writing, in whatever form that may take.  My professional goals include crafting well-written, thoughtful, and meaningful prose guaranteed to be read, marketing my writing and increasing my readership.   Soon, I’ll be finished and ready to publish my second novel, the title of which is a surprise.

In the meantime, I welcome you to my “fresh eyes” perspective, and I know you’ll enjoy a little slice of my talent, such as it is.

Because, after all, aren’t you tired of reading “Mommy” blogs?

Contact me at


3 thoughts on “About Kelly’s “Fresh Eyes””

  1. Delete this out of your comment line…is there an error in line #6? If no (We are…) it may be too obscure of a reference? I just realized that I haven’t put up the review I did of TGS. I’ll get on that. Sorry.


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