You Are Loved. You Have Value. You Are Not Alone.

In the wake of the passing of several young people from our area, I am reposting this …

From the Deacon's Desk

August 29, 2014

Weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard parent community:

As I mentioned in the parent e-mail sent earlier this week, we brought the entire school to the gym on Wednesday morning to discuss the recent deaths of two young men from area high schools – one from Brebeuf and one from Cathedral. The easier route would have been to “let it pass” or stick our heads in the sand, pretending that something like that could never happen at Bishop Chatard. We opted instead to come together as a school and talk about two difficult topics: death and suicide. The intent was not to dwell on either, but rather to send a message of love, hope, and faith.

First we prayed together. Afterward, with the entire staff standing behind me, I shared the following message (summarized below):

Today we are in the gym, a place we come to watch…

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  1. ah bb   …… the boy texted me and said a few girls have been asking to wear his jersey tonight ……. it begins …..oh he’ll be very popular …..


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