Standing Up for the Ladies’ Room

Must parents now worry about some creeper peeking over the stalls just because he says he’s feeling like a woman today?

According to that defender of liberalism The Huffington Post, Americans aged 18 to 29 favor letting transgender people use the restroom of their identity by a 2-to-1 ratio.

Additionally, according to The Huffington Post and the rest of the liberal media, only states inhabited by slack-jawed booger-eating morons would deny transgender Americans their God-given right to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

Tell me something:  If a guy identifies as a man on Monday, does that mean he can identify as a woman on Tuesday?  Or does it depend upon who he watches walk into the Ladies’ room Tuesday afternoon at Target?

Seriously, what the hell happened to common sense?  You want to know why “Americans aged 18-29” are okay with guys going into girls’ bathrooms?  Because they don’t have kids!

Consider this:  There are far more pedophiles among the citizenry than there are people who identify as transgender.  And while it’s true that parents should always accompany their small children into a public restroom, there are those in-between years when parents should and do let their elementary or upper elementary-aged children go into a restroom by themselves (especially when it’s a mom trying to shake a crying preschooler off her leg while attempting to distract her toddler from grabbing the Pez dispensers in the checkout aisle).

Must parents now worry about some creeper peeking over the stalls at their little girl because he claims he’s feeling like a woman today?

I could paint the various scenarios for you to consider, but really, folks—it doesn’t take a forensic psychology degree to figure this one out.   Our children should not have to face a member of the opposite sex while they’re using a public restroom, no matter what age they are.  Furthermore, children lack the maturity to process the absurdity of seeing a male in a supposedly female and private setting, or a female in a supposedly male and private setting.

And no, it’s not a “good lesson” in tolerance for our children.  Like learning about the intricacies of sexuality at too young of an age, the complexities of transgenderism are hardly a topic any parent should have to deal with on the car ride home from Target.

Look, like their mother, my kids were never wimps about things like this.  My husband and I taught them to be aware that there are all kinds of people in the world, which, generally, makes our world a pretty cool place to be.  We didn’t shield them from delicate subjects, but neither did we expect them to handle situations or concepts that were not aligned with their level of maturity.

Furthermore, if my daughters had ever reported to me that there was a man present while they went in to use the restroom, that man better damn sure be wearing a cup.

Does this make me a homophobe?  I don’t see how.  This has nothing to do with homosexuality; rather, it has everything to do with the media grabbing onto the tail end of an issue and running with it because Donald Trump hasn’t said anything stupid in a few days, and what else are they going to write about?

(That’s not necessarily true, though.  I had to laugh when I heard Donald Trump say he didn’t give a crap [pun intended] if transgender folks use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.  His children most likely never had to use a public restroom without their being accompanied by armed security and a retinue of nannies.)

So put away your rainbow posters and your LGBT placards, because this isn’t what this bathroom issue is about.  It’s about attaching an absurd concept—the “anything goes” restroom—to a cause that, frankly, I’m still scratching my head over.  My gay and lesbian friends are great people who appear to be living the American dream, as well they should.

And if you’re among the infinitesimal number of people in the country who identify as transgender—get over it.  If you have a penis, use the Men’s room.  If you don’t, use the Ladies’.  If you’re a “Dude (who) looks like a lady”, keep it in your panties until you’re behind a locked stall.

Using guilt to force the majority of Americans to bend to the will of a pocket-sized sampling of the population is hardly an example of doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people, no matter where or how you take care of your personal business.

I don’t know about you, but right now I have enough men in my life peeing on the seat.

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7 thoughts on “Standing Up for the Ladies’ Room”

  1. 1. If you are a man and get pepper sprayed in the ladies room, good luck finding a prosecutor to file charges. 2. Transgender are perfectly welcome in the appropriate restrooms. Born male, in the men’s. Born female, in the ladies. There is no discrimination. 3. Society takes no pity on girls uncomfortable changing in front of lesbians that identify as men, at least lets not make them change in front of actual men.

    Thanks for the blog, post.


  2. “If a guy identifies as a man on Monday, does that mean he can identify as a woman on Tuesday?”

    Do you think that’s how it works for people? That they’re not worried about harassment if they don’t look exactly like a woman in public? Transgender women are killed over merely going out in public.

    “Our children should not have to face a member of the opposite sex while they’re using a public restroom, no matter what age they are”

    Except they aren’t. They’re using separate, walled stalls in which they can’t face each other, like all public commodes.

    “Does this make me a homophobe? I don’t see how. This has nothing to do with homosexuality”

    Of course it doesn’t. This isn’t about sexual orientation (“who you go to bed with”), but about gender identity (“who you go to bed as”). Get it right.

    “And if you’re among the infinitesimal number of people in the country who identify as transgender—get over it. If you have a penis, use the Men’s room. If you don’t, use the Ladies’.”

    How about you get over it? Sex segregation of bathrooms only began in the 1870s in Massachusetts because female workers were not allowed to use workplace bathrooms. Now over 140 years later and you violently rage and threaten against de-segregating bathrooms?


    1. Dear Harry,
      I’ll itemize for you my thoughts on your responses, in order …

      1. Not ALL men who walk into a women’s restroom are transgender–some will lay claim to that title, but they’re really pedophiles. That was my point. Do the Transgender Police issue identity cards that allow the cardholder rights to use whichever restroom he or she chooses? Didn’t think so.

      Note: If a man who identifies as a woman enters a women’s restroom, and this man is dressed as a female and could pass as a female, guess what? I have no problem. After all, who’s to know (as long as he doesn’t pee on the seat)? But if a man who identifies as a woman walks into a women’s restroom dressed like a truck driver or a longshoreman, then there’s a problem.

      2. Apparently you’ve never been inside of a women’s restroom. More goes on in there than mere elimination, or were you absent the day they talked about menstruation in health class?

      3. Then why is the LGBT community all a-twitter over this issue? Hell, I’ve had gay roommates, and it never bothered me. Maybe the LGBT community needs to take a knee on this one and let the ‘T’ contingent fight their own battles.

      4. This one … this one was particularly hilarious. In 1870, the notion of “public” was far, far removed from what it is today. Furthermore, most people in large cities were relieving themselves in the streets.

      5. And this was precious: “violently rage”? Where in the hell did that come from (I’m laughing as I write this, so I can’t be ‘raging’. In fact, I can’t ever remember a time in my life that I was raging)? As if I’m some red-faced red-necked fat-ass screaming in your face. I’m merely (and calmly) pointing out the absurdity of allowing men, especially men, to use the women’s restroom.

      Note: When you speak of ‘transgender women’, are you referring to men who identify as women but still have their bits and pieces intact, or are you referring to women identifying as men who have female parts? Do you see how some of us may be confused about these blurred lines? And by no means is this a testament to my ability to grasp the complexities of the transgender individual, so don’t be insulting, please.

      Most sincerely,
      Kelly Springer


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