Oh to be young and ignorant …

You see, it’s all fun and games until you realize you’ve got nothing of substance on your opponent and you’re so desperate to deflect attention from your most obvious crimes that—with quite a bit of help from the media—you’ll take the risk of going there.

Rarely do I write about what someone else has posted, but this week’s piece by über conservative columnist, Fox News contributor, and, most recently, hapless guest on “Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe” Ann Coulter struck a chord with me that pretty much states what I have been publicly wanting to say for the last week.

Those of you who were either not born or who were mere children when President Bill Clinton invited then 23- year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky into the Oval Office and bade her to fellate him as he sat at his desk will not recall the resulting scandal that consumed the rest of his presidency.  Never one to fall victim to a case of the vapors over a dirty joke or a crude comment, I nonetheless felt at the time that I needed a hot shower after reading the latest conservative reporting about President Clinton’s extracurricular sexcapades, his repeated misconduct, and his abject abuse of women.

At that time, the left maintained that “boys will be boys”, that “he’s not the only president who’s done this”, and my favorite, “This is between him and his wife.”  The left and the lapdog media gave Bill a pass.  Bad Billy, that rascal, he sure does like the ladies, doesn’t he?  Prevailing wisdom also included the idea that if a guy was married to a woman like Hillary, well, who the hell could blame him for stepping out?

In terms of misogynist patois, the left and the media have given others a pass, too, especially if those others are among the coastal elite, the celebrity milieu, the Kanye’s and the Jay Z’s, even Comedy Central.  In their roast of Rob Lowe, the other invited guests managed to use the word ‘c**t’ no fewer than 20 times to refer to Ann Coulter throughout the episode (I had to look that up since I turned it off after the second c-bomb).  In my world, there is no one who deserves to be called that word; there is no excuse ever for the use of that word.  But to the left it’s okay because they’re special people and Ann Coulter is a conservative, so she deserved it.

Donald Trump used the word ‘pussy’ eleven years ago and the left is apoplectic.

Meanwhile, Trump hasn’t left anyone to die at a flimsily secured embassy in Libya, he hasn’t lied to Congress, and he hasn’t compromised national security by using an unsecured server to hide the truth behind his nefarious schemes of attaining world domination.  And to my knowledge, he hasn’t had anyone killed.  He didn’t rape anyone. He didn’t sexually abuse anyone.  He didn’t expose himself.

And he for damn sure didn’t invite anyone into his office to gratify him while ignoring the oncoming storm of jihad that resulted in 9/11.  Yes, my 30 and under friends, Bill Clinton was so engrossed in managing his scandal-ridden administration that he was altogether disengaged by the geopolitical climate of the 1990s.  But maybe you’re too young to remember.

During those scandal-ridden Clinton years, the media continued to give Bill a pass because “We have more important things to focus on.”  Except the Clintons didn’t.  They were completely and utterly mired in scandal management.  Which is why this latest trumped up “pussy” narrative is so telling.

You see, it’s all fun and games until you realize you’ve got nothing of substance on your opponent and you’re so desperate to deflect attention from your most obvious crimes that—with quite a bit of help from the media—you’ll take the risk of going there.

Because this was a risk.  This going there with Trump and this “pussy” narrative just served as a signpost pointing directly to the Clinton’s own fetid, disgusting, vermin-infested version of Memory Lane.  And if you’re too young to remember the Clinton years, you may want to educate yourself.  Trigger warning:  There’s gonna be bad language.

Read Ann Coulter’s piece here:




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