An Inconvenient Analogy

The most egregious form of oppression known to mankind …

Female genital mutilation has lately been in the forefront of the mainstream media. In Detroit, a second doctor has been arrested for allegedly performing genital mutilations on minor girls; the first doctor, a female, was arrested in April for the same thing.  Female genital mutilation is considered a felony in the U.S.; internationally, it is recognized as a human rights violation, considered torture, and at the very least, is an extreme form of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

I won’t go into the sad and appalling details of FGM—feel free to Google it for yourselves.  Suffice it to say that it is an abomination, one of those sickeningly despicable acts that defies all that is decent and right in this world.  If adult women choose this for themselves, that’s one thing.  But mutilating a child for some perceived religious or cultural objective is nothing short of barbaric.

We can all agree on this, am I right?

Another practice that continues to dominate the media—mainstream and otherwise—is fetal mutilation.  This is when a human fetus is viciously dismembered (causing the demise of the fetus) and is removed from its mother’s womb.  Suffice it to say that this, too, is an abomination. If adults choose this for themselves—and I’ve yet to learn of any adult choosing to dismember himself or herself—that’s one thing.  But mutilating a child for some perceived cultural objective, just like FGM, is nothing short of barbaric.

The difference here is that when human fetal mutilation (resulting not only in the fetus’ dismemberment but also its death) is performed, no one is arrested.  In fact, the very organization that provides the service—the mutilation and death of a fetus—is funded by the federal government!  And get this:  There are actually men and women—seemingly intelligent, rational citizens—who will fall on their metaphorical swords defending the rights of women when it comes to fetal mutilation and death.  To them, anything that would prohibit a woman from having this procedure (that being the brutal mutilation and death of an unborn child) is considered the most egregious form of oppression known to mankind.

Here’s another way the pro-fetal mutilation and death contingent choose to spin the issue:  Human fetal mutilation and death is part of that (non-pejorative) thing called “women’s healthcare”.  Because, you see, when framed within the robust and sanguine, it sounds as if fetal mutilation and death is a healthy thing, like getting your teeth cleaned every six months or having a mammogram once a year.

I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with me when I assert that female genital mutilation is an abomination, but you can be damn sure there are plenty of folks who are sanctimoniously outraged that anyone would deny a woman the right to allow her own fetus to fall victim to the act of fetal mutilation and death.

Why is it okay to mutilate and kill a baby but not okay to mutilate the genitals of a young girl?  Both are sickeningly despicable.  But not equally.

Only one kills.

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